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Vivian Broussard

Working with Stana Martin has been such a positive experience that I wanted to give her a shout out right here. She had to take over when another insurance provider could not complete the policy due to an illness. She was able to navigate the paper work and handled the situation with such craft and skill that I wondered if she had another career as a communicator and problem solver. She was able to calm me down, redirect my energy and started my husband and I down a more constructive path in gathering information and getting our LTC insurance policy back on track. Life is hard enough without having to tear your hair out attempting to get properly insured. I would like to blow the horn for Stana as she can solve any problem you throw at her. I am very thankful for how she handled our problems and found solutions. I would recommend Stana for any of your insurance needs and if she does anything else, I would recommend her for that too. I am so happy God led me to such a professional and confident woman to care for my family.

Heidi Atencio

Today I had the pleasure of working with one of your agents by the name of Stana Martin. I am moved to send this message because I had met with and discussed long term care with two other agents and had decided that this was like dealing with a used car salesman and I was sick of the sales pressure and the confusion around what would work for me and then there is Stana Martin. She is clear, she asks questions and gives answers and there is no hesitation as to why I may or may not need something. What an outstanding person working with a sensitive product, and it is being considered because I don't want to run out of money or be a burden to my children. No pressure from Stana just good information and then we will get back together in a few days and decide which plan I want. I don't know if she works under a corporate umbrella, or if she works on her own but I do know that everyone associated with ACSIA should know that they are being well represented by Stana and you are blessed to have her as a part of your organization. I am a business owner and I strongly suggest you consider Stana as the mentor or role model for the new employees of ACSIA. Heidi Atencio Las Cruces, New Mexico

Dave and Barb Maycock

Last year we decided to purchase Long Term Care Insurance and contacted Stana Martin. We chose her because she is one of Dave Ramsey's "Endorsed Local Poviders". That decision turned out to be a great one. Stana met with us, helped us determine the coverage that best meets our needs and then gave us several options to choose from. We had some issues with the nurse who interviewed us resulting in Barb being approved and me being rejected. When we explained to Stana what had transpired during the interview, she went to bat for me and got the rejection reversed. As a result we now have the peace of mind knowing that if long term care is ever necessary for either of us that we will not be a financial burden on the other or our family. I highly recommend Stana to anyone considering Long Term Care insurance. Thanks again Stana!

Sandy Krueger

Stana made the process of researching and purchasing long term health care much easier than I anticipated. She was very knowledgeable to the market and provided all the information I would need along with pricing. I was very impressed with her professional advise and would not hesitate to recommend her to family and friends!

Elizabeth Kemp

Stana is a very professional and caring person. She made the process a lot easier then it could have been. She gets A+++ in my book.


Stana exhibited a great deal of patience, knowledge and understanding throughout the entire process. Would recommend her to anyone interested in LTC insurance.274

Mary D

After I had been denied coverage by both our federal and our family's insurance policies because of recurring cancer many years earlier, Stana Martin was able to find excellent coverage for me. She has always stayed in touch and answered any follow-up questions. She is pleasant to work with and a very knowledgeable professional who has provided me with peace of mind regarding long term care. I would recommend her to anyone interested in finding out more about this type of insurance.

Brian D Fox

Having watched my mother go through the unpleasant events of dealing with dementia/Alzheimer's, I realized how important it was going to be for me to protect my family from as much of the emotional and physical stress, as well as the financial burden, of my care in my later years of life. Working with Stana was a very comforting and satisfying experience. She is extremely knowledgeable about long term care issues and was very helpful and patient in making sure that information was successfully transferred to me for my consideration. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Stana on my ltc solution and would recommend her expertise to anyone who needs to arrive at a solution to this troublesome situation.

Richard Troell

Stana is the real deal. She knows the LTC market in every aspect. She worked with me and my wife for an extended period and through some extenuating matters to get us the right LTC coverage, at an attractive price, with the right "bells and whistles" to address our personal needs. For LTC insurance needs, i certianly want Stana on my team!

Linda Sisco

Thank you Stana for helping me understand what to do with deciding on this policy. I needed your information to guide me through what I might need later in my life. You did shine the light on issues I had never even considered. I feel so much less stressed when my friends start talking about what in the world will they do with their mom.

Joseph S

Stana, was very helpful guiding my wife and myself through getting our long term health insurance. She followed up and guided us through questions we had about the different insurance companies. We are very happy with the policy's which makes our financial planning complete. Thank You


We were referred to Stana by a financial planner. She was VERY Knowledgeable and helpful. She gave us a number of alternatives, and "held our hand" as we learned more about our needs, our options, and our concerns. She ultimately guided us to another partner that was even more knowledgeable about the type of policy we ultimately chose. We found the information-gathering portion of LTC policies to be pretty confusing and somewhat stressful, but Stana guided us thru the process without any pressure. Once we started to realize the type of plan that worked for us, her partner helped us decide with options, again, without pressure. We are SO happy that we had such expert assistance with our decisions. We certainly are at ease with our decision, and feel that Stana and Gil are, by far, the best of those that we contacted.

William V.

My agent answered all my questions about the Life Secure product I was considering. Prior to purchase I had no doubts about their product -- just needed pricing and answers to a few quesitons. Thanks again

Robert Raymond

Stana was most helpful with signing us up with our long term health insurance. My wife and I spent many hours on conference calls. She is a true professional. Bob Raymond

Madeline Wade

Stana is very knowledgeable about the issues and solutions surrounding future long term care issues. Although I purchased my policy to pay for care in my 80's-90's, I drive extensively for my job and I'm very aware that an accident could devastate my retirement resources. I feel confident that I selected the best option for me, but Stana showed the other options that are available, with no personal bias. Thanks Stana!

Robin W.

Stana is knowledgeable, professional, and passionate about helping others. She has the heart of an educator, clearly explaining Long Term Care insurance in an interactive and visual way. Making decisions about insurance can be daunting, but her guidance, understanding, and integrity helps the process tremendously. Stana, it is a pleasure working with you, and I am very grateful for what you do!

Bob and Mary

Stana is the knowledgeable and helpful professional we all hope to work with any time. She listened to our concerns, carefully evaluated our needs, and designed the right solution for me and my wife. Stana has a complete and true understanding of Long Term Care and the solutions in the market. She is patient, a great communicator, and made us feel very comfortable. Stana was most helpful and we are very satisfied with our solution.

sd from Texas

Stana, Thank you for being such a indispensable long term care solution specialist. You have all the tools, knowledge and options to guide your clients in finding just the right solution to a subject that none of us want to talk about but know we need to. You make the decision much easier.

Michael and Linda Offineer

We knew very little about long-term health care insurance. Stana answered all of our questions and was patient and not pushy about how long it took us to make our final decision to purchase our policy. She is very knowledgeable about long-term insurance and knows the facts about the companies that offer it. We highly recommend her for great guidance and assistance when purchasing your long-term health care policy.

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